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Woodford, New South Wales

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New South Wales

Woodford was originally known as Twenty Mile Hollow and was home to a popular coaching inn, the Woodman's Inn built in 1834. It was sold to Michael Hogan in 1836 who rebuilt the Inn and renamed it the Kings Arms Hotel. When William Buss became the proprietor in 1856 both the Inn and locality became known as Buss's. A railway platform opened in 1869, also to this name. When the Inn closed, it became a private residence and was called Woodford House. By 1871, the locality had also become known as Woodford. The house later became the well-known Woodford Academy, a school for boys and is now a heritage-listed building. Woodford is approximately 90 kilometres west of Sydney and is very popular with mountain bike riders and walkers as the starting point for the well-known Oaks and St Helena fire trails....

Activities you can engage in

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking

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