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In a move by all the Australian States and Territories, to streamline and futureproof their individual product databases, it was agreed in 2015 to build a centralised, single national platform, which will better support and improve functionality for all tourism operators large and small.

We are pleased to introduce you to Australia’s ‘Smartest Tourism Destination’ which is the result of an exhaustive program of work over the past year, to ensure that Australia’s Tourism industry has access to world leading technology.

Just as smartphones have become invaluable to us, so this SMART technology platform will improve performance and productivity of busy tourism operators throughout Australia, enabling you to easily manage your online content and offering you access to an extensive network of digital marketing channels to promote your businesses online.


New Features and Improvements

ATDW-Online offers considerable improvements to industry operators by making it easier to manage your product information.  With increased capability, the new platform will be less labour intensive and overall improve the user experience. Some of the new features include:

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National Standardisation of information using latest technology

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Intuitive User-friendly platform which is simple to navigate

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Fast response times and instant updates / password resets

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Mobile Compatible

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Analytics Dashboard with comprehensive stats & graphs

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Larger Image requirement with helpful image uploading tool


  • New minimum image dimension criteria:  1600x 1200 pixels
  • At least 1 image needs to meet the new criteria (maximum 10 images)
  • File size: The size of the file does not matter, but cannot be bigger than 10MB
  • Landscape only (portrait images no longer accepted)
  • No logos or text on images accepted
  • File type (.jpg & .png)

This image size can easily be captured on many smartphones and inexpensive digital cameras. Existing images /photos which do not currently meet the new minimum size requirement will remain and continue to work. However, when tourism operators update their ATDW-Online listing for the first time after the launch of the platform, if the stored images do not meet the requirements, the system will require at least one compliant image to be uploaded before the listing can be submitted.  We show you what needs your attention in this area with our Product Manager providing a short video demonstration of this.

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