How influencers could help you bring in more business

Influencer Marketing is taking the world by storm, yet so many businesses haven’t tried it despite its proven effectiveness.

Some of the reasons that make using influencers daunting, could be the resourcing to manage the strategy, the cost to conduct outreach, boost posts and paying the influencer. Facts are, it can be a lot of trial and error before you find a suitable influencer that is appropriate to both yours and the influencers channels to make it a success!

Here are some proven ways that using influencers can help you bring in more business

They generate sales

It’s a no-brainer; influencers can generate sales, bookings or interest. Lead generation can commence from the minute an influencer promotes your product or service, and depending on their community or the duration of the marketing campaign these leads could be generated instantaneously or in smaller bursts over time.

They are content creators

Influencers are professionals at content creation, pumping out piece after piece of high-quality, engaging content. This can be fantastic news for your brand as it will mean they will create user-generated content (UGC) that you will be able to utilise on your own platforms. Just make sure you let the influencer know the content will be re-used or if you plan to promote the posts with ad spend.

They give you a third-party endorsement

Consumers look to people they trust for advice, feedback and inspiration. Influencers have become that third party endorsement for a lot of brands which means exposure and brand awareness. Exposure and brand awareness is crucial in today’s saturated retail and eCommerce space, so the more you can gain for your brand the better.

They also have reach so the endorsement could reach thousands, to tens of thousands to millions of people globally which also means growth in your social following.

Influencer marketing is proven to work but it can be scary taking the first step. If you are tempted to try influencer marketing, let us know and we can fill you in on our top tips!