“ATDW is a no-brainer to kickstart your brand exposure and awareness online”

Ucruise Sydney is a Sydney Harbour location specific tour company, offering private boat hire for locals and tourists to experience arguably the most amazing harbour in the world.

The ATDW has been helping Ucruise Sydney every step of the way, more or less from day one, going as far back as 2015. Being a listed operator on the ATDW has enabled Ucruise Sydney to be showcased across several networks/websites which generate large volumes of traffic with a core audience being local and international tourists. Through the ATDW, Ucruise Sydney has experienced ever-increasing reach and brand awareness, backed by the reputable DNSW brand.

According to Anthony Fulford, Director / Head of Marketing for Ucruise, “The great thing about the ATDW is that our products and services are centrally managed, meaning it’s very efficient to add or update our offering and maintain consistency across our placements online. Registering is very straightforward and since their platform revamp, has become even easier and is very intuitive to get started – you can be up and running in very little time.”

In terms of results; websites on the ATDW network that showcase Ucruise Sydney account for the largest number of referring website visitors than any other referring source. We are in the thousands now of how many potential customers the ATDW has given us. We have had dozens of sales off the back of being on the ATDW, and during busy times of the year such as December and January we receive big spikes in interest which we are very grateful to receive as that time of year is very lucrative for us. From doing data analysis we can also see that ATDW network referring visitors are 20% more engaged than all other website visitors we receive.

We would definitely recommend the ATDW to other operators, it really is a no-brainer; whether you are just starting out and want to kick start your brand exposure or you need some other avenues to increase your awareness online.”

(Article provided by Anthony Fulford, Director / Head of Marketing for Ucruise)