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Hit The Road With Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers Australasia partners with ATDW to provide travellers with a comprehensive choice of travel options.

Roadtrippers Australasia, the popular network of tourism sites and apps, turns travellers into explorers by offering them things to do and essential information as they travel around Australia and New Zealand. Several tourism technology brands come under the umbrella network including, an itinerary planning website and app, that helps travellers plan by choosing a beginning and end destination on a map, then populating it with ideas. Plus Campermate, another popular app which delivers in-trip finds such as nearby accommodation, petrol stations, ATMs and things to do on the move.

Roadtrippers Australasia established a partnership with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) in 2017 as they wanted to ensure their Australasian network offered the most comprehensive and best quality POIS (Points Of Interest) for Australia.

“We selected ADTW as we recognised that their extensive network of partnerships with all the states, territories, destination marketing organisations as well as individual operators, meant that the data was up to date and robust,” says Roadtrippers Australasia CEO, Paul Shale. “Plus, the agreed digital format of information meant we had consistency between all data/POIs.”

The breadth of places on ADTW’s database also appealed to Roadtrippers Australasia. “With 11 categories we were able to cover a wide variety of tourism places – from food and drink to accommodation to general services. The abundance of images and multimedia available also made the ADTW an attractive option for us because pictures are key to enticing tourists,” says Shale.

Roadtrippers Australasia target both domestic and international tourists. “Our technology enables us to geo-target people while they are travelling around, and we work hard to make sure we’re sending the right message to the right people at the right time to get a result.” They also gather valuable data on travellers’ movements* and provide insights to regions and businesses.

Roadtrippers Australasia has 30,000 active daily users across their network drawing on a database of 250,000 points of interests, offering great variety to travellers. “Giving travellers access to more options on their phones as they move around, like relevant information and engaging trip guides, encourages more exploration and visits to local businesses,” explains Shale. “Roadtrippers Australasia is about discovering something along the way, and turning a drive into a road trip. Thanks to ATDW we’re able to offer great variety to travellers.”

Check out their great site and video here.

*All data collection and usage is in compliance with the GDP Regulation.