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Destination Dorrigo Inc. recommends ATDW without hesitation!

Destination Dorrigo Inc. sees the ATDW as an invaluable resource aimed at distributing tourism data, to the world, in the form of accommodation, attractions, and events. They first listed with the ATDW in October 2015 and have been posting events and attractions ever since.

“Over the time we have been using the ATDW, the site has evolved into a very simple and useful tool for tourism operators. In particular, the process of adding and editing listings on the platform is straight forward and easy. Inputting your information is ‘form driven’ making the process logical and the prompts unambiguous.”

It is difficult to assess the direct economic effects of listing with the ATDW, BUT, anecdotally, there is a growing interest in Dorrigo as both a Tourism Destination as well as a place to settle outside ‘the big city’.  To illustrate, we can share two reports, directly from our Google analytics dashboard, showing graphical and tabular data. The first report represents referral traffic from ATDW listings, from 1-Feb-2016, presented on ‘’, with direct links to ‘’ landing pages.

(The data may seem minimal but they represent a level of interest in events and attractions, in Dorrigo, from a diverse audience.)

The second report presents our total traffic from 1-Feb-2016. The upward trending numbers are hard evidence that our Destination Marketing strategies are working. The ATDW was a significant contributor to this success; not only in the quantitative referral traffic generated but also in the qualitative logic that the referral data raises the profile of Dorrigo and generates additional direct traffic to our site.

Destination Dorrigo Inc. have recommended the warehouse to a number of other operators without hesitation, and we look forward to seeing the services provided by the ATDW, continue to evolve in assisting operators and non-profit organisations.

John Eastment, President
Destination Dorrigo Inc.