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“Listing with ATDW is one of the most important things for Operators to do – it’s essential to be part of it!”

ATDW is constantly looking for feedback to improve our platform and make it easy and user friendly for users and operators.  We asked the General Manager of the multi award winning Pennicott Wilderness Journeys, Andrew Hennessy, to give us his impression of ATDW-Online and what it means for their business.

How long have you been listed with the ATDW?

Pennicott Wilderness Journeys have been listed with the ATDW for as long as we can remember!  As our business has grown, so too have our listings.  It’s exciting that we now have five businesses listed on the ATDW!

How easy is it to register, manage and update your listing?

Previously we had to update our listings through Tourism Tasmania, but these days it’s so much easier to be able to manage the listing yourself through the ATDW-Online portal.  Being able to self-manage your listing makes it easy to regularly refresh your images, change product descriptions or update price information.

What is your understanding of what the ATDW is and how does it assist you to promote your product?

The ATDW is the most widely used database of tourism products in Australia.  It provides a comprehensive collection of Australia’s tourism products that are made available to online travel agents, tourism bodies, wholesalers, operators, retailers and distributors.  One listing on the ATDW gives you extensive exposure across hundreds of Australian tourism websites and distributors, which is really exciting.

To what extent has ATDW assisted your online exposure and marketing?

Being listed on the ATDW has allowed us to have exposure across ATDW’s distributors and websites.  The ATDW listing provides comprehensive information about our products including text and images, which makes it easy for us to manage and update a listing on all of these platforms at once.

What do you think of the ATDW-Online platform? Do you have any feedback?

The ATDW online platform brings the platform into the modern era, and it’s really great to see continual improvement in the tools available for operators.

Would you recommend other operators list with the ATDW?

Yes definitely, I would say it’s one of the most important things for tourism operators to do.  One listing gives you so much exposure – it’s simply essential for tourism operators to be part of it.

Many thanks to Andrew Hennessy, General Manager, of Pennicott Wilderness Journey